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Bulk Freezer Beef

People used to buy a whole or side of beef and have it stored in a meat locker at the butcher. Many people still refer to buying a whole or half beef as “locker beef.” Any beef that is portioned into a representative share of beef (quarter, half, whole) is considered bulk freezer beef. Now you just need a simple chest freezer in the garage.

Depending on how it’s cut (bone-in vs. boneless). You will get about 175-200 lbs. of take home beef in your freezer.

An easy rule of thumb for a breakdown on a beef is: 25% steaks, 25% roasts, 40% ground beef and miscellaneous, and 10% organ meats and bones.

No! To keep things simple all of our beef is sold with the cutting, wrapping, and butcher fees included. Buying beef shouldn’t be complicated. We try to make is as easy as possible.

Shipping & Logistics

  • Shipping: We ship anywhere in Washington State using UPS.
  • Local Delivery: We also offer delivery right to your door by choosing your desired delivery date.
  • Pickup locations: We offer convenient pickup locations within our service areas

Yes, every fulfillment option has available days that you can recive your order. Simply choose shipping, local delivery, or pickup location and you can select available dates from the calendar.

  • Ellensburg
  • Suncadia
  • Spokane
  • Seattle
  • Tri-Cities
  • Yakima
  • Wenatchee


Yes! Our cattle eat a diet that is 100% forage based. We do not feed any grains or grain byproducts.

We do not implant with any growth hormones of any type. Any cattle that enter our beef supply have never been given hormones or antibiotics.


We accept all major credit cards as well as Apple Pay and PayPal. We also accept personal checks which helps us avoid paying the credit card fees.